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  • Real-Time Protection from EVERY Malware Infection
  • Malware is at such high levels (more than 60 million unique samples per year) that protecting an endpoint with traditional anti-virus software has become futile. More than 100,000 new types of malware are now released every day, and anti-virus vendors are racing to add new protection features to try to keep their protection levels up.
  • But new features need even more CPU and RAM resources, which reduces performance and usability to even more unacceptable levels. The torrent of new malware is also forcing anti-virus vendors to continually update their signature protection files, with more than 5MB of updates per day being commonplace.
  • The underlying problem is that even with all these “advances,” not all new malware exploits are detected, and machines are becoming infected. Simply put, protection using traditional malware detection techniques is no longer adequate. So many unknown infections are being distributed by cybercriminals that everyone is at risk.
  • Recent global research by Webroot* revealed that 83 percent of enterprises were infected with some form of malware in the past 12 months, and other independent surveys show similar and even higher infection levels.